Wednesday, January 26, 2011

90's wedding dresses!

OMG!!! My mom is the biggest dork in the WHOLE WORLD!!!
When she was around 8 years old
she fell in love with the idea,
of getting married! 
This came out in the 90's and it is SCARY!!!

Know you all know what the 90's
look like, right?
Scary, but kind of fun!
Lots of grunge everywhere!
Rock and Roll and hair bands!

Well, if you think of an
90's wedding the outcome must not be good!

We found this wedding magazine,
(owned by my mom) 
in my Grandma's house!

Here are some of the pics!

Look at her Puffy sleeves! This wedding dress sucks on so many levels!
What is up with her Poofy, Hot pink, Disney princess Dress?
these are the most 80's you can get!
Look out here comes QUEEN AMIDALA!!! AHHHH!
There is even a bow around here bouquet!
How many bows does she need on that dress?
There's like 1 million bows on this dress!
This dress has the sleeves, the bows, and to dorkify it even further she had to add gloves!
That is the biggest dorkiest bow in the history of all bows!!! It's the Ginormica of bows!
Despite my mom's past liking in these dresses 
she is the coolest person ever!
Hey, everybody has their lows!

I love her!
She has taught me most of what I know with makeup,
and soo much more!

She Rox Sox off!


Abigayle & Hayden said...

Awe! You're so sweet Abi-do! I was reading the first part with my lips all pursed together thinking my BFF just threw me under the bus! But then you redeemed yourself! LOL I love you lots and lots!

Abby Rox Sox off too!

For real.... my dress looked like I could fly away in it! Extra fluffy, extra ruffles = extra air time! hahaha it was dorky!

Just don't ever get married! That's how to avoid the ugly dress!

Robyn said...

You should look at pictures of your mom's dress, it really was a "90's" dress! She still looked pretty, though. Oh, and your dad was right there with her with his 90's hair. Have you seen it?